• Our Bakery has You Covered for Lunch in Jacksonville IL

    We offer much more than breakfast pastries at SafeCo. Residents can drop into our shop seven days a week for a variety of healthy options. Whether you’re looking for a hearty sandwich or calzone or a light soup or salad, we have you covered! Additionally, if you’d prefer to have a bit of everything, select our “Pick 3” option for just $6.99 and choose a sandwich or calzone, soup or salad, and drink. As with our baked goods, our lunch items are handmade as well: our calzones are stuffed in our dough, our salads come with made-from-scratch dressings, and our soups are chosen and made fresh daily. Look over our lunch menu, as well as some pictures of the lunch items we offer and stop by anytime for a nourishing meal that’s sure to satisfy! You can call us as well for catering.